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Happy.lk is a community website.

Community website is something people can freely engage, gather information, share ideas, deliver points of view on all topics related to the society we live in.

Happy.lk is a Sri Lankan origin website. It will serve the people of Sri Lanka. However if foreigners want to contribute by sharing latest technologies, world trends, and any other important information to this part of the world, Happy.lk will be thrilled to publish.

When we say we are a community website, we mean it from every aspect. That is why Happy.lk is offering shares (Ownership) of the website to its contributors.

How it works;

Happy.lk has 22,000,000 (Twenty two million Shares on offer) On day one. Happy.lk owns all 22 million of shares. Why 22 million?  In the last census carried out in Sri Lanka in 2012 the population stood at 20,359,439. We have accounted for a small increase in population and rounded it off to the nearest 1 million and arrived at 22 million. Since this is a community website for Sri Lanka, we thought it correct to use the population figure as its initial share volume.

Out of this 22 million shares, happy.lk will divest its shares with people who contribute towards the website. (We contribute so much of content to Mark and his Facebook, we don’t get anything in return) But at Happy, we will ensure that your contribution will be recognized and appreciated and hopefully monetized in the not so distant future.

People wanting to contribute to Happy.lk will have to register with a screen name and the other information requested. It is advisable to enter accurate details of your information especially your ID card number so that we can track and trace contributors. It is also advisable to update your contact details accurately when and if it even changes.

Once your signed in, you can add content to, jokes, politics, sports, Food and beverages, including classifieds. Depending on your mood and type of input you wish to provide. Each entry will be strictly vetted by the admin and only published if it is screen appropriate. Your personal details will not be shared with anyone, but only your screen name will be published next to your contribution. Categories will increase with time and contributions. So feel free to request admin to add any category you feel you need to contribute on and feel there is a need to create awareness in the country.

Each contribution in form of articles and write ups if approved by the admin and published on the website will earn the contributor 100 shares of Happy.lk. At the point of approval, your shares will be credited to your account. The share holder register will be published on the website weekly with the new ownerships and increases in ownership status duly noted.

A Classified add will only earn 10 shares of happy.lk. Classifieds are free at the beginning, but will have a revenue model once Happy.lk starts gathering momentum. However the contributors will continue to earn shares of Happy.lk

Starting off as a content driven website, Happy.lk will move on to e-commerce and and start generating several streams of revenue to ensure the shareholders will have some sort of monetary value to what they hold and a dividend component once happy.lk starts generating enough profits.

We will value the website at LKR 1,0000,0000 (One million) as of 1st September 2018, the official launch date of the website.

Happy hunting for your piece of happy.lk.

We wish you the best of luck and a great journey through Happy.lk




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