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Twin Elephant Calf’s spotted in Minneriya

A very rare and beautiful incident is reported from the jungles of Minneriya. An elephant mother has given birth to twin calfs. This is regarded as a very rare and exceptional happening in the Elephant world.

WHO Guidelines to get workplace ready

getting-workplace-ready-for-covid-19 As Sri Lanka opens its doors post a period in excess of 60 days for offices, WHO has shared a detailed guideline on how to get your workplace ready. The guideline includes...

Seriousness of Corona

Corona also known as Covid-19 has brought many national to a standstill, and more significantly on their knees. it has been a great leveller for everyone as it docent care which country, how powerful or how rich you are...

healthy men get Corona too

Corona Can attack anybody

It is now proven beyond doubt that only old people or people with pre conditions get Corona. Listen to the patient who used to run 10km a day describe his Corona ordeal. It is not a matter to be taken likely, healthy...

Cool Planet Pelawatta on fire

Cool planet clothing stores Pelawatte branch caught fire this morning. The cause of the fire is not known yet and the fire brigade is working on controlling the situation. Please stay away from the area and do not get...

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